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Pepper Artwork Collection

Pepper adalah karakter fiksi hasil karya Artgerm AKA Stanley Lau. Ia menjadi terkenal karena papper mulai disukai dan banyak fans. Para fansnya juga membuat papper yang membuat papper makin banyak di temukan didunia maya.

Pepper Diva by Artgerm

Pepper Groove by Artgerm

Pepper Beach by PepperProject

Pepper Retro Junky by PepperProject

Pepper Standee by Artgerm

Pepper Float by Artgerm

Pepper Freedom by Artgerm

Pepper by the window by Artgerm

Pepper by the window by Artgerm

Pepper Ice queen by Artgerm

Pepper Chick by korone

pepper pilot pinup by ml-11mk

Pepper: gestation process by PepperProject

Pepper Flow by Artgerm

Pepper - Hot Fashion by PepperProject

Pepper Tech by PepperProject

Pepper and Wanda by Felsus

Pepper Assassin by Artgerm

Pepper by Fallencypt

Pepper by katea

Pepper Dance 3 by Artgerm

Pepper Dance by Artgerm

Pepper Exit by Artgerm

pepper in imaginarycity by plue

Pepper is a Punkrocker by pumpkinbear

Pepper Outdoor by Artgerm

Pepper-phones by ComiPa

Pepper Pitch Battle - Cover by Artgerm

Pepper Princess by Artgerm

Pepper Project: In the Clouds by khaamar

Pepper Realistic by Artgerm

Pepper Stare by Artgerm

Pepper Sunshine by Artgerm

Pepper Vogue II by Artgerm

pepper with steel monster by cuson

schoolgirl pepper by hendryzero

Pepper Nagel by Artgerm

Sumber : Artgerm dan Papperproject

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