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Fahombo Batu

Stone Jumping ‘fahombo batu’ has been one characteristic of the people of Nias. Many outsiders who remember or imagine Nias to jump rocks, so there is also a thought that everybody could jump stone Nias compiled until it reaches a height of about 2 m and a thickness of about 40 cm. Stone jumping is not just tourist attractions as we see today. Stone jumping is a means and process to address the strength and agility of youth, so having a prestigious heroic souls.

If a son of one family was able to pass a stone that had been set packed in a way to jump, this is one of pride for parents and other relatives and even the whole village community in general. That is why after the boys they were able to pass, then held a simple celebration with slaughtering chickens or other animals. There was even entertained the nobility of his village youth as it can jump to the perfect stone for the first time. These young people will become youth advocates village ‘samu’i mbanua or Horo la’imba,’ if there is a conflict with other villagers.

Another Amateur Video

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