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Musical Instrument Sampek

Sampek or call sape  is a Dayak traditional musical instrument, made from various types of wood (wood arrow, lime wood, ironwood). Traditionally made. Making process could take weeks. Created with 3 strings, 4 strings and 6 strings. Usually Sampek be engraved in accordance with the wishes of the maker, and every carving has a meaning. The louder and a lot of wood tissue, then the resulting sound is better. Flattened surface section, while the rear of the holes are elongated, but did not penetrate to the surface. To find a good sound, the level of thin edge thickness and the surface should be equal, so the sound can vibrate uniformly, resulting in a sound long and loud when picked. Listening to the sound of the lilting Sampek can increase the spirit  and power. In Pampang many highly skilled people who play Sampek. Sampek commonly used to accompany a dance, or give the spirit of the army. How to play, as opposed to how to play guitar melody, because the fingers on only one string on the same shift up and down. Usually the musicians when playing a song, just by feeling it.

and this,..sound quality is poor

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