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Most Anticipated MMO 2011

Blade and Soul

Blade & Soul is a MMORPG (Next-Generation) Developed by NCSOFT and its Team Bloodlust division. Shifting from the Western fantasy found in Aion and Lineage 2, Blade & Soul has now moved to a Eastern / Asian setting. The game is inspired by the Chinese martial arts fraternity, a favourite for the game’s producers. The biggest difference between Blade & Soul and other games lies in its combats and quests which are the most important elements for a RPG. For players, the objective of a game should be as clear as possible. However, most games are focused on monster fighting. In Blade & Soul, you can’t expect that everything will be totally new, but definitely, it will allow you to interact more with the environment, though actually it seems not easy to achieve.

Official Site : bladeandsoul.com

Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 adds a persistent-world experience, and it retains the unique characteristics of the original game, including strong narrative, extensive instanced gameplay, anti-grind design philosophy, and strong support for competitive play. Just like the original game, Guild Wars 2 can be bought and will continue to be Free to Play.

Official Site : guildwars2.com

TERA: The Exiled Realm of Arborea

The Exiled Realm of Arborea is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game currently in development by Bluehole Studio. It is scheduled for release in South Korea on January 25, 2011 and North America and Europe in mid 2011. It is also announced that the game is going to be released in Japan. Possible localizations for other regions have been mentioned, but have not yet been confirmed. Combat uses a real-time battle system which incorporates third person camera view – the player targets their enemies with a cross-hair -a non-target battle system- rather than selecting a target to automatically attack, and must actively dodge enemy attacks.

Official Site : tera-online.com

Dragon Nest

Dragon Nest is a free-of-charge massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by EYEDENTITY GAMES. It uses a non-targeting combat system ensuring that players have complete control over every single one of their character’s movements. Dragon Nestrequires users to advance their characters by teaming up and traveling into instanced dungeons. Players train in a series of dungeons to level their characters and complete mandatory or optional quests. All training is done through these dungeons. There are 5 difficulties for every dungeon you go through; Easy, Normal, Hard, Master and Abyss (the most difficult). Only two are available initially, Easy and Normal. The rest must be unlocked by completing the dungeon on the hardest available difficulty.

Official Site : dragonnest.nexon.com

Rift: Planes of Telara

Rift: Planes of Telara is an upcoming fantasy MMORPG from Trion Worlds Network, set to launch March 1, 2011 with a head start period beginning February 24, 2011 for those who have pre-ordered the game.  The severity and locations of the rifts are entirely dynamic (and thus random). Rifts of 6 different types (earth, fire, air, water, life, and death) are possible, and rifts of different types will oppose each other. Each character chooses between 4 different callings: Warrior, Cleric, Rogue, Mage. Each eventually gains access to 9 different ‘souls’ from that calling, which have trees to which he can allocate a number of points gained each level.

Official Site : riftgame.com

Star Wars: the Old Republic

The Old Republic will also use cover mechanics for the second time in MMO gameplay (the first being Tabula Rasa). Members of the two main factions—the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire—will have different moralities; the project’s key focus is to differentiate between the player’s faction and morality.

Unlike traditional MMOs, classes in the Old Republic are not limited to the typical archetypes (healer, tank, melee dps, ranged etc…). Bioware has stated that each class will support on-the-fly customization that will allow any class to fill any role within a party, eliminating the need to spam channels in search of a specific class needed to fill a role within a group, which can delay or outright stop parties from completing group quests. While each class in The Old Republic will still favor a certain play style (be it ranged, melee, or otherwise), customization combined with companion characters will make for having a class be able to tackle many different situations, with or without the support of other player characters, and without requiring specific other classes in order to move forward.

Official Site : swtor.com

C9 (Continent of the Ninth)

Since 2006, NHN GAMES has spent nearly 3 years in the development of this 3D MMORPG title. C9 features stunning graphics, outstanding battle system and coherent storyline. C9 uses NHN Games’ in-house developed engine and employs top client programmers to produce magnificent battle scenes and vivid game environment.

Players will take adventures in a world full of danger and challenges.There’re totally 4 classes(include Warrior, Hunter etc, 2 mysterious classes will be unveilled then) in game. You can try them in first closed beta test. It will be a nice experience to against its high level of Monster AI and try awesome combo skills by controlling characters.

Official Site : c9.hangame.com

Ragnarok Online 2 : Legend of The Second

In July 2010 it was announced the first iteration of the game had been scrapped, and a new version, Ragnarok Online II: Legend of the Second, would be developed in its stead. The new iteration of Ragnarok Online II returns to the systems and mechanics of the original Ragnarok Online while keeping the 3D engine. The game engine was changed several times since its predecessor opened its long running closed beta in 2007. It was mentioned that the new version of Ragnarok Online 2 will be using the Gamebryo engine. The previous iteration used Unreal Engine 2.5. On January 25th, 2011, Gravity Corp. initiated their second Closed Beta Test that lasted 4 days. Named the “R-Care Test”, its aim was to evaluate the content and changes that occurred after the initial CBT, as many popular suggestions were applied to the game.

Official Site : ro2.game.gravity.co.kr

The Secret World

At GDC 2009, Tørnquist gave an interview to GameSpot regarding TSW, revealing more about its gameplay. There will be neither levels, nor classes in the game; instead, the character building will be skill-based. This way, the developers plan to avoid level grinding, allowing new players to join the game more easily. The player characters will be customizable to a large degree, particularly in their choice of clothing, weapons (which range from shotguns to swords and can be customized and upgraded), and the supernatural powers they acquire. Combat against computer-controlled monsters will be one of the game’s central points and will require more of player’s attention than contemporary MMORPGs. The players will be able to form teams to fight together but in an earlier blog posting, Tørnquist assured that the game can also be played in single-player mode, should a player choose not to play with a group. According to him, the game is story-driven and there will be an overarching linear plot, as well as numerous side-quests, ranging from investigation to sabotage and hunting, since diversity of the gameplay will be another central point.

Official Site : darkdaysarecoming.com


FIREFALL is a team-based action shooter. Join your friends in an epic online campaign across a vast open world to stop the Melding and fight for the survival of humanity against the army of the Chosen. Advance your army and character through technological upgrades. Level up different character classes. Compete for supremacy in various multiplayer game types. Push back the Melding. SAVE EARTH

Firefall will feature a free-to-play model that allows players to experience every detail of the vibrant world without having to pay a single penny. Updates to the game, dynamic world events, and other content will also be offered without a price tag, while a marketplace will allow fans to purchase optional enhancements.

Official Site : firefallthegame.com

Source : Wikipedia, mmosite.com

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