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Hologram Technology

3D holographic technology is a technique of scattering light to present an image that appears to the eye to be three dimensional. The image is an attempt to record a picture of an object and reconstruct it so the viewer can see different angles. The basic technology of holography was discovered in 1947 by Dennis Gabor, a Hungarian physicist working on advancement research for electron microscopes. However, the technique was not fully utilized until the 1960s, when laser technology was perfected. 3D holographic technology was created in 1962 by scientists in both the United States and Soviet Union. There are a variety of holograms. This is some video about Hologram today

Today, the most common use of holograms is in consumer products and advertising materials. There are some unusual applications too. For example, in some military aircraft, pilots can read their instruments while looking through the windshield by using a holographic display projected in front of their eyes. Automobile manufacturers are considering similar displays for their cars and a live stage music concert.

Hatsune Miku Hologram Concert

New England Air Museum

Source : encyclopedia.com


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