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Aceh’s early heroines ignored by history books

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On April 21, Indonesians celebrate Kartini Day in memory of Raden Ajeng Kartini (1879-1904), the pioneer of education for Javanese women. Javanese women in Kartini’s time, especially those of nobility, weresecluded in their homes after puberty until the day they married. But Kartini had different ideas. Through letters to her European friends, she eloquently expressed her thoughts and views on women’s role in society, saying women should be given an equal opportunity in education and play an equal role to men in the public sphere.

Although Kartini did mention in one of her letters her amicable encounterwith a noblewoman from Priangan who shared her struggles for equal rights (presumably Dewi Sartika) and her knowledge of a Minahasan woman who sharedher views and thoughts on the issue (presumably Maria Walanda-Maramis), little did Kartini know that her peers in neighboring Aceh already enjoyedthe freedom for which she yearned.

Admiral Malahayati

Admiral Malahayati

Almost three hundred years before Kartini’s birth on April 21, 1879, Sultan Alaidin Ri’ayat Syah IV of Aceh Darussalam (1589-1604) formed the Armada Inong Bale (Widows Armada) under the leadership of the legendary Admiral Malahayati. Malahayati and her armada courageously sailed the eastern shores of Sumatra, the Malacca Straits and the western shores of Malaya to guard their kingdom and nation. It was also Malahayati who causedthe Dutch naval captain Cornelis de Hautman to fail in his mission to attack Aceh. De Hautman later died in prison in Aceh. Malahayati’s legendary heroics were retold by Dutch author Marie van Zuchtelen in her Vrouwelijke Admiral Malahajati, where she admirably portrayed the chivalrous heroine leading battleships crewed by her 2,000 brave women warriors.

Admiral Malahayati also received the Queen of England’s envoy, Sir James Lancaster, who arrived in Banda Aceh on June 6, 1602. The naval base of theArmada Inong Bale in the Bay of the Great River was renamed Admiral Malahayati Seaport and her name is also honored on one of the battleships of the Republic of Indonesia.

Another way Acehnese women played a role in the public arena was the all-women palace guard regiment, known in the local language as Suke Kaway Istana, under the leadership of Admiral Meurah Ganti and Vice Admiral Cut Meurah Inseuen between 1604 and 1607. It was these women who saved the future Sultan Iskandar Muda from imprisonment by his rival, Sultan Muda Alaidin Ritayat Syah V.

Acehnese women were not, however, only known as warriors. They were also capable of being political leaders. Aceh was probably the only sultanate isthe world which recognized sultanas (women sultans) as heads of state. The first queen of Aceh was Ratu Nibrasiyah Rawa Khadiyu, who ruled the 15th century kingdom of Samudra Pasai. In the 17th century, four sultanas consecutively ruled the kingdom of Aceh Darussalam, namely Seri Ratu Tajul Alam Safiatuddin Syah (1641-1675), Seri Ratu Nurul Alam Nagiatuddin Syah (1675-1677), Seri Ratu Inayat Syah Zakiatuddin Syah (1677-1688) and Seri Ratu Karnalat Syah (1688-1699). Aceh also had several women uleebalang (rulers of autonomous regions, equivalent to a European duke), and in the days of Queen Safiatuddin, 18 of the 73 members of parliament were women.

These are the historically important women Indonesian children never learn about in school. Schoolchildren only know Acehnese heroines from modern Indonesian history, such as Cut Nyak Meutia (1870-1910) and the legendary Cut Nyak Dien (1850-1906), whose names are mentioned in history textbooks and who have had roads in major cities named after them. While Cut Nyak Dien’s face is also portrayed on the Indonesian Rp 10,000 banknote, we usually know no more than that about her. (Some, however, may recall that her story was made into the film Tjoet Nja’ Dhien in 1988, withChristine Hakim as the leading actress).

Even in modern history there are other Acehnese women whose names probably remain unknown to the majority of Indonesians, including Teungku Fakinah, Pocut Baren Biheue, Cutpo Fatimah and Pocut Meuligo. In their struggle against the Dutch, Acehnese women often played a major role in theconflict. Pocut Meuligo, the uleebalang of Samalanga, for example, convinced her brother Teuku Chik Bugis not to negotiate with the Dutch and to continue struggling against the colonialists. The same is true of Cut Nyak Dien. Not many know that her husband, Teuku Umar, was at one time pro-Dutch, until he joined his wife’s struggle against the colonialists. And Cut Nyak Meutia died on the battlefield with her husband Pang Nanggroe.

The 80 Year War — as it was known by the Dutch — was indeed a great loss for the colonialists, but many remember the tough grand dames of Aceh who were heavily involved in politics and war at a time when their Europeanpeers were still playing domestic roles, waiting for husbands or brothers to return home from the battlefield.

Pocut Menligo was another example of a brave woman who took over for her brother, Teuku Chik Bugis, in leading a battle in 1857. Riding her horse, she courageously ordered the people of Samalanga to leave their ricefields and join the fight against the Dutch. The one-eyed general, Van der Heijden, lost his eye in this battle against Pocut Menligo. And this took place two decades before Kartini was born

With all due respect to Kartini, whose genius was so remarkable for a young woman at that time, can we still say that she was the pioneer of Indonesian women’s emancipation? For Javanese noblewomen, perhaps yes, but certainly not for the whole nation. Maybe even Kartini would not like to claim the title because she was well-informed about her peers in West Java,Minahasa and even China. Writers such as Marianne Katoppo and historians like Harsja Bachtiar already have raised this issue.

Indonesian history textbook writers have a lot of homework to do in this age of reformasi.



What do you do if you love someone but she doesn’t care about you in the same way?

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Various Answer :

  • Sweetie, if she does not care why should you? Don’t keep fighting for someone who will not fight for you in return. Life is too short and there is someone out there that will be just as interested in you as you are in her. Take that advise from someone who knows.
  • Well, I definitely and absolutely agree with the answer above me. If she doesn’t show any signs at all of even caring about you at all even in the future, just try and forget about her. No matter how much it hurts to even consider driving her out of your memory. You have only one life to live, and you shouldn’t spend all your time dwelling over someone who doesn’t care about you. There’s someone out there that loves you just as much as you love her, just don’t loose hope. She’s one girl, there are plenty in the world.
  • Look, I’m a girl and the same situation happened to me, it was reverse, because he said he loved me, but I didn’t nor do I feel that way for him. So, to tell u the truth there isn’t really a way for u get back with her in the way you want. My advice is to avoid her when she’s flirting with a guy or closely talking to a guy, because you are going to cause yourself pain. Maybe, the feeling for her will enviably form into a different form of love the way she has it for you.
  • I am a girl, and have been told those three terrifying words more than once. If someone doesn’t love you, the smart and rational thing to do. But love isn’t smart OR rational. If you stay patient, and get closer to this special person and maybe, things might change. You may see the real them, and decide that they aren’t worth the time. Or they might see the real you, and realize that you are more special to them than they previously thought. You can never give up hope!! Keep going. Pursue everything.
  • I think you should carry on trying for them because you only live once and at the end of the day if you really have bad feeling for them then you shouldn’t have to forget about them till you know if they definitely don’t like you back.
  • TRUST, I’m in the same boat at the moment and its killing me that I can’t tell the person how I feel but keep trying till you know for sure. don’t give up but don’t look desperate at the same time.
  • if you loved someone and she does not feel the same way maybe she is not ready for a relationship i wouldn’t give up but i also wouldn’t make any advances towards the person. if he knows that you are interested and knows that you will always be around, then make yourself scarce and maybe he will get the idea you don’t care anymore and if he cares at all that person will come to you if it was meant to be. men don’t like to be ignored or snubbed, they like the attention, so just sit back and see if he comes to you and if hr don’t then move on there’s plenty of fish in the ocean
  • I’m a girl and I had to change my mind about guys before. If you keep on trying I’m sure she will fall for you in the end.
  • Give up because if she don’t care bout you then why waste your time in life there are people who you can sometimes never have is sucks to her buts its the truth!
  • I’m a girl myself and I have been told that many times but if you tell her or him and you know they truly love you back then i just want to say good luck with your love I have been called A misses clause, I love you, baby girl, hot stuff and I’m just 12 but I think you should say it at least once.
  • Just make sure that you have told her to her face that you really like her and if you definitely no she doesn’t like you move on there’s plenty more fish in the sea.
  • Tell her but if u don’t want to do that hold on 2 her make her feel like shes really special.
  • I agree with the first answer, if she doesn’t love you there is nothing you can do. I know it hurts to imagine yourself forgetting about her, but how can you honestly be happy with someone who cant return your love.
  • This is for face and looks the other way. Give a girl a compliment and she says “whatever”. Am I really going to tell her I love her? I’ am afraid she might kill me.
  • A girl would just do her best to be polite in saying that she can’t return the affection, and if she does like you she will possibly have some affection for you. Ask her what she thinks of you but don’t just dump her without talking to her because that is just rude anymore and we were 3 days! I was in the town in a shop I checked my Texts and there it was! I nearly had a break down.
  • love is like a plant. love can grow and Love needs time to grow

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Typography Effect

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Well this is very old..i don’t remember when i edit this Johnny Deep Picture ヽ(´ー`)┌

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Japanese Emote

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These are other random Japanese emoticons in which the emoticon is engaging in some kind of action that didn’t really fit into any other category.

Flipping over a table in anger: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Putting the table back nicely: ┬──┬◡ノ(° -°ノ)

Throwing the guy who put the table back nicely: (╯°Д°)╯︵/(.□ . \)

Taking a memo: 〆(・∀・@)

Picking something up: ((((*。_。)_

Throwing something: (*・_・)ノ⌒*

Praying or hoping: 八(^□^*)

Pointing: (?・・)σ

Calling: (ι´Д`)ノ

Thumbs up: d(-_^)

Whisper to someone: ( ゚∀(・-・)

Cheering: p(*^-^*)q

Poking someone: (*・)σσσ(*゜Д゜*)

Shower: ヽ`、ヽ`ヽ(* ̄o ̄*)>ヽ`、ヽ`

Holding a gun: ¬o( ̄- ̄メ)

Spraying something: ( ^)/占~~~~~

Playing with a yoyo: (*^^)/~~~~~~~~~~◎

Hitting someone: (。_°☆\(- – )

Two people fighting: ( `_)乂(_’ )

A different two people fighting: O( `_´)乂(`_´ )O

A salute! “Yessir, I’m working on it!”: (`・ω・´)ゞ

Hi-Five: (●ゝω)ノヽ(∀<●)

Giving someone the finger! 凸(⊙▂⊙✖ )

Glomp (with a kiss)! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

Lower those eyebrows! ๏[-ิ_•ิ]๏

Playing Ping Pong: ( ^o)ρ┳┻┳°σ(o^ )

Playing Ping Pong: ヽ(^o^)ρ┳┻┳°σ(^o^)/

Playing Catch: (/_^)/       ● \(^_\)

Bowling: =( ^o^)ノ ...…___o

Playing Tennis: (-^-^)p_____|_o____q(^-^ )

Playing Volleyball: (/o^)/ °⊥ \(^o\)

Patting someone on the head: (o・_・)ノ”(ノ_<。)

Shot in the head with an arrow: ―(T_T)→

Licking Lips: ლ(´ڡ`ლ)

Pointing: (☞゚∀゚)☞

The rest you can find here :

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Pin Up Girl

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Pin Up Girl


Tools : Photoshop CS 5

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Asian Rocker

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Asian Rocker

I dunno who she is 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜) (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜
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Sexy Korean Model

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Sexy Korean Model

Yeah! Sexy Jung Seon
My borediting!!!!!(⊙…⊙ )
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