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Some nasty habits yourself and others do all the time without realizing it

Social unintelligence and social screw ups we tend to make (this is the 55 ways):

  • Being completely logical in a social situation – We aren’t here to impress anyone with our intelligence.
  • Being concerned about being right or wrong about something – this is ego.
  • Take ages explaining something – The other person wants to get away or change topic.
  • Laugh at their own jokes when nobody else does – This is because they are feeling the pressure of everyone else and because nobody is laughing they try to “keep the vibe going” by laughing and it makes them look stupid.
  • Laugh at unfunny things – laughing for the release of social pressure.
  • Ask obvious questions they know the answer to.
  • Constantly look for things to be funny (listening to every word, looking for every mistake).
  • Use lots of “umms” and “errr”s…’ while talking.
  • Nod too much – giving too much approval.
  • Never nodding or showing any signs of acknowledgment.
  • Say “yeah” or “right” too much when someone is explaining something.
  • Saying please and thank you obsessively (Go to Subway and listen to the customer after the questions, it happens a lot).
  • Don’t say please or thank you at all.
  • Remember excessive details about a person they just met and brings them up regularly – even days or weeks later.
  • Following what others are always doing.
  • Making excuses and rationalizations, defending yourself – who you are does not need to be defended.
  • Qualifying yourself to others.
  • Conforming to what everybody else is doing.
  • Always trying to be different.
  • Criticizing people often.
  • Too much thinking – mental noise.
  • Try and come up with a perfect witty comeback.
  • Taking insults personally.
  • Taking something ambiguous the wrong way.
  • Speaking quietly, mumbling etc.
  • Hardly ever making any eye contact.
  • Making too much eye contact.
  • Letting people disrespect you by not sticking up for your self – know your values and boundaries.
  • Complaining.
  • Whining about things – instead of dealing with them or accepting.
  • Not deciding on something because others wont approve.
  • Never admitting you are wrong.
  • Admitting you are wrong just to keep the peace / apologizing when it’s not your fault.
  • Supplicating to other people.
  • Overcompensating by trying to be better.
  • Not apologizing when you are wrong.
  • Being happy for other peoples misfortunes / failures.
  • Putting your self worth on the responses of others.
  • Taking criticism and praise personally.
  • Letting people physically mess around with you.
  • Always agreeing.
  • Never agreeing.
  • Acting in a way where you’re a victim.
  • Answering stupid questions logically.
  • Answering all questions that people ask you.
  • Doing people favors when they wouldn’t do the same for you.
  • Making up drama, rumors.
  • Comparing yourself with others, if you’re perceived as better or worse – I.e. “I have a car and you don’t so I am better than you”.
  • Not doing anything because of what other people might think – “come dance”, “no, I’m ok” etc.
  • Making sure everything you say is completely correct.
  • Focusing on the negative.
  • Not speaking up when something is not right.
  • Not asking for help.
  • Using lots of self deprecating humor.
  • Button pushing – Doing things purely to get a reaction.

Just choose a couple of things to focus on when interacting with people. First you realize when you do it and then you can work on changing it and brush up your communication skills.

You can read full articles here : http://socyberty.com/psychology/55-ways-you-make-people-dislike-you/

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