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How to Get Noticed on Twitter and Getting People to Retweet Your Content

Twitter can be used for many different reasons, including promoting your website, advancing your career and making friends. However, it can be difficult to get noticed on Twitter as the site has over 200 million users. Offer some value to the Twitter community to get noticed. Twitter can be a powerful tool for spreading the word about what you’re doing, and for meeting great, useful new people.

  • Fill out your profile completely.
  • Provide a link to your Web site. If you do not have a writer Web site yet, link to your LinkedIn profile, or your ZoomInfo profile, or your Facebook page.
  • Add “Follow Me on Twitter” to your blog, website and email.
  • Put up a photo. Preferably, a good little photo of you. Or maybe a fun cartoon gravatar of you. But kill off that egg.
  • Get a nice background. People who really operate on Twitter take the time to at least grab a free, unique Twitter background to spice up their site. The really together people have pictures of their products, website logos, and other cool stuff.
  • This is a great tactic to invite people to follow you as they know they will be earning a follower too. So, if you follow me, I’ll follow you too.
  • Understand how other forms of social media work. Coordinating your work in several social-media channels can save you time and help accelerate the level of help you get.
  • You’ll need to mix links to your own blog posts in with other useful information from other sources in your niche.
  • When you see something interesting on a website or in the news, copy and paste the URL and put it on Twitter.
  • Don’t use robots to get followers. Don’t use them. Why? Some of followers are useless — they don’t really want to follow you, and won’t retweet your links.
  • When people start following you, send them each a direct message to thank them.
  • When you have substantially more followers than you do people you follow, it tells people you’re interesting. You don’t have to follow people to get them to follow you. That attracts more followers.
  • Promote other people. Thank people (with a link to their Twitter name) for retweeting your content, RT their links and rave about them…and you will find new friends.
  • Retweeting is a great way to make people follow you. If they know that you often share great info they would be pleased to follow you. If you retweet their posts they would simply love to follow you.
  • Use lists. One great way to stay connected to people without having to follow them is by adding them to your lists. Many people are flattered by getting into lists, so this is another weapon you have besides following.
  • Create tweets relevant to your reason for wanting to get noticed on Twitter. For example, if you want to get a job in computer programming, tweet about programming issues and news.
  • Tell people something that interests them and that they do not already know.
  • Reply to people by answering their questions and asking them questions.
  • Discuss Current Events. People look to Twitter to discover breaking news. Being one of the first people to cover breaking news related to your interest is a great way to get others to retweets your content and expand your reach.
  • Don’t Be Overly Self-Promotional.
  • Think about it: if you have 1,000 followers, and one person retweets your content to his or her 1,000 followers, you have immediately reached more people than your original tweet did.
  • Understand Your Audience. People follow others who they feel are experienced leaders in their interest. They want to learn more, have access to more content, and reach people they might not have otherwise been in contact with. Your followers want content that is credible, intelligent, and valuable.
  • Using the words “Please ReTweet” in your tweets will generate 4x more retweets. So don’t be afraid to encourage others to share your content if they find it valuable, too.
  • Consider the Timing of Your Tweets. If it’s too early in the day, there won’t be as many people on Twitter who will retweet your content. Late in the day and week are the most retweetable time periods.
  • Direct your tweets at Twitter users who are already thought leaders and experts in your interest, as these people are likely to have lots of followers. If they think your content is valuable and retweet it, you will reach many more followers — their followers — and these followers might value the opinion of that thought leader and retweet it, too!
  • Include hashtags in your tweets. If someone isn’t following you but is searching the hashtag, they will still see your tweet and potentially retweet your content.

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  1. June 5, 2012 at 10:53 am

    thanks for this! …now how about followers for facebook? ..or wordpress? haha.

    • June 5, 2012 at 6:11 pm

      your welcome ^^…well lets see :p

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